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Albeit a man, perhaps Rodney Dangerfield described the world of female comedians best: “I tell ya, no respect!” It’s a tough world for the ladies among us who endeavor to enter into the world of stand up comedy. But only a female comedian has the insight into the world of woman that will leave the women in their audiences bawling in laughter and the men bowing their heads in shame (on the other hand, they just might be bowing their heads to hide the fact that they’re laughing, too!)

Perhaps the earliest well-known female comedian was Lucille Ball, whose show I Love Lucy caused TV watchers around the country to fall on the floor in laughter. At the same time, Ball pushed the boundaries for early female comedians and opened the doors for many to follow. As stand up comedy progressed as an art unto itself throughout the 20th century, more and more female comedians began to appear in front of audiences. Gilda Radner, a member of one of the early casts of Saturday Night Live was also regarded as one of the most famous female comedians in the biz. The modern-day work of female comedians include the edgy yucks of Janeane Garofalo and the quirky humor of Kathy Griffin. During the recent History Channel program, The History of the Joke, hosted by Lewis Black, many of the top female comedians on the circuit today, including Griffin, talked about the challenges of being a female comedian, while also discussing how only they possess that special ability to communicate with their fellow sisters one-on-one.

Female comedians in the movies and featured in other venues carry with them a huge fan base that can relate to their often gender-based humor. However, as any great comedian knows, whether male or female, an audience is meant to laugh together. They might deny it afterward, but male audience members get a kick out of the fun poked at them by female stand up comedians, too. features some of the top talents of the day, especially featuring Ellen DeGeneres, a well-traveled stand up comedian, a talk show host and now a celebrity judge on American Idol. DeGeneres’ understated observational style is second to none, and she’s proven herself able to make an audience’s members fall out of their chairs for decades.

Caroline Rhea’s down-to-earth comedy routine has carried her through an entirely successful career in standup. That same degree of comedy has led Rhea to high-profile acting gigs in many television shows and films.

You’ll also find many other comedians at the top of their game through, the acclaimed Rita Rudner, Kathy Griffin, Aisha Tyler and many, many others. All of our famous female comedians are sure to bring the house down. Our long list of female comedians is undoubtedly the best you’ll find anywhere in the country, so look no further for the entertainment to star at your next event. After all, a little star power goes a long way!

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Ellen Degeneres: Talk Show Host And ComedienneELLEN DEGENERES
Talk Show Host And Comedienne

A beloved television icon and entertainment pioneer, Ellen DeGeneres' distinctive comic voice h...
Rita Rudner: Clever, Sharp Timing, Poise & SophisticationRITA RUDNER
Clever, Sharp Timing, Poise & Sophistication

Comedian RITA RUDNER has a secret weapon - a lethal wit wrapped up in a soft- spoken delivery - and ...
Kathy Griffin: KATHY GRIFFIN

Kathy Griffin is best known as "Vicki", the sassy ultracool redhead on NBC's hit Series Suddenly...
Aisha Tyler: AISHA TYLER

Aisha Tyler got her acting start at the J. Eugene McAteer School of the Arts in San Francisco, when,...
Judy Tenuta: JUDY TENUTA

Judy Tenuta is the most famous person that ever lived. If you don't believe it just ask her! The...
Pam Stone: Actress, Comedienne And Radio Talk Show HostPAM STONE
Actress, Comedienne And Radio Talk Show Host

Funny, fresh and versatile, Pam Stone stands head and shoulders above other comediennes. At six feet...
Victoria Jackson: VICTORIA JACKSON

Victoria Jackson is an outgoing, gregarious, intelligent young woman whose high-pitched voice and co...
Kathleen Madigan: KATHLEEN MADIGAN

Who did Jay Leno call one of America's funniest female comics on The Howard Stern Show? Who did...
Caroline Rhea: CAROLINE RHEA

Caroline Rhea is a stand-up comedian and actress who brings a fresh, smart and spontaneous approach ...
Wendy Liebman: WENDY LIEBMAN

Wendy Liebman didn't imagine herself a stand-up comedian until 1984 when she was 23. Since then,...
Karen Morgan: KAREN MORGAN

Born in Athens, Georgia, Karen Morgan graduated from the University of Georgia (B.F.A. 1986) and Geo...
Elayne Boosler: Feisty And Thoughtful Political ComedyELAYNE BOOSLER
Feisty And Thoughtful Political Comedy

Elayne Boosler is one of the busiest and most popular comedians touring the country today.

Diana Jordan: Oprah Says “She Is One Of The Funniest People On The Planet”DIANA JORDAN
Oprah Says “She Is One Of The Funniest People On The Planet”

After Diana Jordan appeared on "Oprah" for the first time, Oprah Winfrey selected Diana Jo...
Kate Clinton: KATE CLINTON

Attention America: your wake-up call for the '90's is here and her name is Kate Clinton! Thi...
Becky Blaney: BECKY BLANEY

America's leading lady magician adds her southern comedy charm to every hit performance. A forme...
Pam Matteson: PAM MATTESON

After witnessing PAM MATTESON'S hysterical vocal impressions and side-splitting stand-up comedy,...
Leslie Norris: LESLIE NORRIS

Comedienne Leslie Norris explains her vocation choice by saying, 'I didn't choose comedy, ...
Nancy Witter: NANCY WITTER

Nancy Witter is a three time MAC Award* winning a stand-up comedian. She was one of five finalist ch...
Danielle Broussard: DANIELLE BROUSSARD

Danielle Broussard is a regular at The Comic Strip Live and The Comedy Cellar in New York City, wher...
Donna Cherry: DONNA CHERRY

As an actor, comedic performer, and singer, the dynamic Donna Cherry continues to be recognized for ...
Maryellen Hooper: MARYELLEN HOOPER

America is falling in love with MARYELLEN HOOPER and it's easy to see why. With her unique brand...
Rhonda Shear: RHONDA SHEAR

Insomniacs are forever grateful to her. For the past three seasons, millions of late night televisio...
Valery Pappas: VALERY PAPPAS

Valery Pappas is an actress, comedienne, and impressionist. Valery's acting credits include gues...
Louise Duart: LOUISE DUART

Watching Louise DuArt perform is like being on a roller coaster with the Screen Actors Guild. The vo...
Chris Rich: CHRIS RICH

Chris Rich began her performing career as a theatrical triple-threat, an actress/singer/dancer. in a...
Robin Cee: ROBIN CEE

Years ago, Whoopi Goldberg and Bill Cosby had a thirty-minute love affair in the editing room on the...
Margaret Smith: MARGARET SMITH

Margaret Smith began her comedy career studying at the famed Second City Theater in Chicago. "After ...
Jorjeana Marie: JORJEANA MARIE

Born to a Pennsylvania Dutch family, Jorjeana grew up churning butter, baking bread and smelling the...
Jan Mcinnis: JAN MCINNIS

Jan McInnis brings to the stage clean, insightful, and original humor appropriate for company conven...
Sherry Davey: SHERRY DAVEY

Sherry Davey is the ultimate bi-coastal lady. She was born in the United States but raised in Englan...
Pat Brown: PAT BROWN

Pat Brown's motto is to put the fun back in funny. Pat's style is smart silliness, wrapped...