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Given that the Latino population in the United States is rapidly approaching a state of majority rather than minority, the rest of us should probably get on board with the particularly hilarious brand of Hispanic and Latino comedy that members of that cultural community have pioneered. As evidenced by the recent Latin Legends of Comedy film, released in 2006, Hispanic comedy is reaching a crescendo of popularity, and is on top of the ball game when it comes to the best in the world of Latin comedy.

A list of famous Latino comedians a mile long has especially grown during the past few decades. But that list would almost certainly start with the evergreen act of Cheech and Chong, two “high” artists who love Latin culture almost as much as they love a certain plant. Adding to the cultural humor of the dynamic duo, Cheech Marin’s partner, Tommy Chong, only plays a Hispanic on film, being himself a Canadian native of Asian descent.

However, the list of famous Latino comedians has extended far beyond that point to include modern contemporaries like Carlos Mencia, who has ascended the ranks of the entertainment world to have his own show on Comedy Central in addition to a successful stand-up career.

George Lopez, another successful Hispanic stand-up comedian, also uses his Latin heritage as fodder for comedy. Lopez inherited his Hispanic culture while growing up Los Angeles California, and other focuses his wit on twists on the Mexican culture that is so prevalent in American society today. Furthermore, among the most popular Latin comedians on today’s circuit is Greg Giraldo, who was featured in several Comedy Central “Roasts” of famous celebrity comedians. Giraldo pulls on his Latin heritage for yucks, the skill of another legend to have come from the Latino culture.

Latin comedy is often defined by its anticipation of stereotypes of the people of Mexico, which, while inaccurate and racist, are hilarious in the hands of a skilled comedian. For example, too often Mexicans are made fun of for being lazy. But do you know why there are no Mexican’s on Star Trek’s Enterprise? Mexican’s are lazy in the future, too!

Turn to to find the kind of Latin comedian that will have your audience in stitches during your next event. Don’t waste time looking around the Internet for another agent with a passable list of famous Latino comedians. Stick with a company that has a reliable reputation for booking only the best in the Latin comedy business with

When you book with, you’ll compel your audience to look beyond the stereotypes and to instead laugh at our cultural differences. After all, there are few better ways of pulling people together than getting them in a room together and rolling over laughing at the expense of a few ridiculous stereotypes. Latin comedians are on the rise with certainty, but you’ll only find the best at our Web site.

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