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Max Winfrey:


Fasten your seat belts and get ready for the outrageous comedy of Max Winfrey! His brand of fast paced, off-the-cuff style humor has landed him numerous appearances on the Disney Channel and the Nashville Network most recently on The Crook and Chase Show. The only thing more impressive than his circus like athletics is his lightning speed wit.

It’s easy to get caught up in all the excitement, especially when Max Winfrey plucks you unexpectedly from the audience to be included in his maniacal crimes of comedy. Think you’re too old or too young? Think again! No one is safe from the spotlight as Max draws not only from his audience but from his 15 years of comedy-improvising experience to create some of the most hilarious situations you’ll ever witness.

After getting his start as a performer in theme parks such as Walt Disney World in Florida and finding his niche as an interactive performer with the audience becoming his partner, Max Winfrey embarked on a journey that has taken him over much of the globe. He has found particular enjoyment performing his one man comedy concert on cruise ships and takes advantage of touring many of the destinations the ships take him too.

Event though he likes to travel, Max Winfrey gets the most fulfillment from performing in front of the corporate audiences here at home in America. They give him the creative challenge of coming up with ways to personalize his humor to fit a company’s personnel and line of business.