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Phil Campbell:


Entertainer, Showman, Comedian, Master of Ceremonies

Phil Campbell carries on a family tradition as the son of the late humorist, artist and great humanitarian, Archie Campbell. He also carries on the tradition with a God-given talent to entertain with his own brand of music and humor. In meeting Phil for the first time, one is immediately struck with his personal warmth and ability to put an audience of one or one thousand at ease in a matter of moments.

Phil has been entertaining folks both with his father and on his own for more than 20 years. "It seems, not only was I born into the business, but I wouldn't know what else to do…I love people and I love to entertain them!" states Campbell.

At age 15, Campbell became a member of his father's stage show in the Smoky Mountain resort of Gatlinburg, Tennessee.

"I got interested in bluegrass music and the banjo when I was 13," states Campbell. "In the Smokies, I became friends with a true mountain man who taught me how to play banjo in a very traditional style. I practiced every day for two years and finally got good enough for Daddy to give me a shot with the band. I also had to sell tickets for the show, empty ashtrays, and was the auditorium's janitor. Ah, the glamour of show business!"

The younger Campbell's musical prowess, coupled with a flair for comedy, was a hit with the nightly tourist audiences. Soon he became a featured member of the show and joined his father in comedy routines.

Personal appearances throughout the United States and Canada followed, along with stints on the Grand Ole Opry, USO tours, theatrical plays, and The Nashville Network's sitcom 1-40 Paradise. Phil performs frequently at fairs, rodeos, dinner theaters, special events, casino's and on radio and TV commercials.

In the 1990 season of Hee Haw, the immensely popular TV series, Phil became the newest cast member. . . featured in his own skits. Currently, Phil can be seen twice daily as the co-host of The Nashville Network's very popular dance show Club Dance. He gains much exposure from this show and has an opportunity to meet people from all around the world. Being a "people person", Phil truly enjoys visiting with everyone and as a bonus Phil does the "warm up" before each show, delighting the audience with his brand of humor and giving him an opportunity to work-out new comedy material. To see his popularity, all one needs is to stand with Phil at Nashville's Fan Fair!