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Jeff Foxworthy: JEFF FOXWORTHY

Contrary to some people's popular belief, Jeff Foxworthy is not some overnight success story. Be...
Bill Engvall: Blue Collar ComedyBILL ENGVALL
Blue Collar Comedy

The thing that makes any entertainer successful is the ability to connect with an audience. It's...
Larry The Cable Guy: Git-Er-Done!LARRY THE CABLE GUY

With his cry of "Git-Er-Done!" and "What the hell is this, Russia?" Larry the Cable Guy begins his d...
Ron White: You Can't Fix StupidRON WHITE
You Can't Fix Stupid

For the last two and one half years Ron White has been performing with Jeff Foxworthy, Bill Engvall ...
James Gregory: The God of Southern ComedyJAMES GREGORY
The God of Southern Comedy

James Gregory has been a stand-up comedian for 20 years. During this time he has continued to set a...
Henry Cho: Southern ComedianHENRY CHO
Southern Comedian

Henry Cho is a Korean/American, born and raised in Knoxville, Tennessee. Cho's Asian good-looks,...
Vic Henley: A Cross Between Opie Taylor and Don RicklesVIC HENLEY
A Cross Between Opie Taylor and Don Rickles

Using his Southern "good ol' boy" persona to first charm his audience, Vic Henley wins them o...
T Bubba Bechtol: The Epitome of BubbaismT BUBBA BECHTOL
The Epitome of Bubbaism

Born with the name, T. Bubba Bechtol, you definitely stop to wonder. Yes, he is a Comedian/Humorist,...
Carl Hurley: America's Funniest Professor!CARL HURLEY
America's Funniest Professor!

Carl Hurley was born in 1941 in a two-room cabin built by his father on a three-acre hillside farm i...
Mike Snider: Star of The Grand Ole OpryMIKE SNIDER
Star of The Grand Ole Opry

Mike Snider, a Tennessee native, was raised on a farm outside the quiet little town of Gleas...
George Lindsey: Goober of The Andy Griffith ShowGEORGE LINDSEY
Goober of The Andy Griffith Show

For years, George Lindsey's classic portrayal of Goober has filled our hearts with love and laug...
Gary Jenkins: Southern , Clean, Very, Very Funny, Experienced!GARY JENKINS
Southern , Clean, Very, Very Funny, Experienced!

Gary Jenkins hails from Florence Alabama. He has been performing professionally as a musician and co...
Jerry Carroll: The Willow Spring WildmanJERRY CARROLL
The Willow Spring Wildman

Great comedians say comedy is everywhere. Jerry Carroll found it growing up on his family’s farm. ...
Rik Roberts: Southern ComedianRIK ROBERTS
Southern Comedian

Nashville based comedian Rik Roberts has performed at nearly every comedy club in the South and Midw...
Pam Stone: Five Year Nominee of The American Comedy AwardsPAM STONE
Five Year Nominee of The American Comedy Awards

Funny, fresh and versatile, Pam Stone stands head and shoulders above other comediennes. At six feet...
Bob Farmer: Humorist StorytellerBOB FARMER
Humorist Storyteller

Rich in American heritage, steeped with tradition, the Farmers' Almanac is one of the oldest, mo...
Cletus T Judd: Southern ComedianCLETUS T JUDD
Southern Comedian

On his follow-up to his smash "I Stoled This Record," Cledus T. Judd asks the immortal question, "Di...
Dale Henry: Southern Humorist & ComedianDALE HENRY
Southern Humorist & Comedian

After earning his B.S. and M.S. in Secondary Education, Dale Henry completed his Ph.D. in 19...
Rice And Renee: The Rhinestone CowgirlsRICE AND RENEE
The Rhinestone Cowgirls

For sheer entertainment value, it comes no better than the mother/daughter team of RICE & RENEE, who...
Three On A String: THREE ON A STRING

People say that Jerry, Bobby and Brad do more with three than most folks do with a dozen.

Frank King: FRANK KING

Wanna message? Check your voice mail. Wanna laugh? Book Certified Speaking Professional Frank King. ...
Me And Blue: ME AND BLUE

Jerry Ryan has entertained throughout the United States and Canada during his lengthy career as lead...
Johnny Roberts: Southern Deep Fried ComedyJOHNNY ROBERTS
Southern Deep Fried Comedy

Johnny Roberts serves up his Southern Fried, Country Fried and Dixie Fried comedy show in a friendly...